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Warriors in Recovery foundations" (DBA) Return to Love.

Mission: Warriors in Recovery is based out of Colorado and is a nonprofit organization established to help active duty and veterans heal from the inside out. Warriors in Recovery 's latest project will change lives by traveling across the country with it's first stop to Liberia. While there several veterans will come together and build water wells for the many people in need and help to develop sustaining programs for villages and communities.

Our warriors will be bringing water to Liberia, each warrior will raise enough money not only to go to this country and help drill and build but will also sponsor a well. They will be involved in community development activities while there. Many of my warriors say that since leaving the military they have lost a sense of purpose, this project indeed will reinstate the feeling of purpose. So not only are you helping an impoverished country you are also helping a warrior heal from within.


Hello my name is Jennifer Stone. I served in the United States Air force for 5 years. As a DEFENDER..(SECURITY FORCES MEMBER) I was able to protect not only my country but my fellow service members. This brought joy to my life in ways that I cannot explain. Unfortunately, my service was cut short due to an injury, which affects me to this day. I was diagnosed with Chronic PTSD. This illness has affected my life dramatically. My life has been built on protecting others, which is hard to digest everyday that you are not able to in the same fascists. However, I still want to make a difference in this world regardless of my short comings. Although I've struggled with my own demons day to day, I don't feel it's necessary to speak of them while others struggle to just live a normal life...CLEAN WATER should not be a problem in 2017, but it is. I couldn't think of a better place to give back and connect with life as I once did long ago. Helping others succeed will help me succeed knowing that although I face challenges in my life, I am still able to see something brighter by helping others. Sometimes the things we face aren't for us, maybe it's to continue searching for life and it's purpose, which I believe is helping one another through the journey. I believe Africa is one of the most beautiful and wild places on earth. It was the beginning. I know that LIBERIA will change so many lives and restore a few as well. I pray to be apart of something so monumental. My goal is to help those in need and return to love!

When told we will not be staying in hotels this is the response given:

I wouldn't want it any other way! I'm ready!

Jen is a TRUE WARRIOR IN RECOVERY Please help her on her Journey to bring purpose, peace and clean water!

Thank you.

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