Healing begins with finding purpose. image

Healing begins with finding purpose.

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Warriors in Recovery foundations" (DBA) Return to Love.

Mission: Warriors in Recovery is based out of Colorado and is a nonprofit organization established to help active duty and veterans heal from the inside out. Warriors in Recovery 's latest project will change lives by traveling across the country with it's first stop to Liberia. While there several veterans will come together and build water wells for the many people in need and help to develop sustaining programs for villages and communities.

Our warriors will be bringing water to Liberia, each warrior will raise enough money not only to go to this country and help drill and build but will also sponsor a well. They will be involved in community development activities while there. Many of my warriors say that since leaving the military they have lost a sense of purpose, this project indeed will reinstate the feeling of purpose. So not only are you helping an impoverished country you are also helping a warrior heal from within.


My name is Elmer "Matt" Sanders born in Fayetteville, North Carolina but raised and live in Central California. I enlisted into the Air Force right after high school Jul 2000-Jul 2006 in the Communications field. I loved what I did and planned to service our country and the world for the rest of my career but due to several ankle, kidney, and knee traumatic injuries, illnesses, and surgeries, my life goals had to change. I still live with the thought of what more was there for me to do everyday, but with the programs out there letting me know my job is not finished, I'm able to continue my dedicated service. I believe to provide to others in need is what life is about; there's no greater love. In the military, we uphold the freedom of religion, speech, and many other rights around the world. The bondage of not having clean water is something that we all should stand up and fight for together.

When asked Why do you want to come on this mission:

I truly and honestly believe God put me on this earth not to live my life, but live for others. With a family to fend for and the way life is, my reach has been so limited. My community understands what I do but for me there's so much more to life than what I can see. I want to go to Africa to fulfill my purpose and reach so many outside of my life. The country and many people of the world live in their bubble but I believe that when you join bubbles, they become a larger bubble of one.

How can this mission help you?

I have lived a life for others and feel it's my fulfillment. My time in the military and on deployments to support the world, was one of the most fulfilling feelings of my life. Since 2006, I have always felt I've came short of this. This opportunity is something that I know I can benefit almost as much as those I'm affecting. Being an African American, it's easy to not remember where you've came from. My mother and sisters went to Africa a decade ago with our church for ministries and told me there's nothing like that feeling of gratitude. Being able to use what I've been blessed with to help others would help me in recovering the feeling I had when deploying with other countries.

When told we will not be staying in hotels this is the response given:

I would love to stay in the villages! Almost prefer!

Elmer is a TRUE WARRIOR IN RECOVERY Please help him on his Journey to bring purpose, peace and clean water!

Thank you.