Healing begins with finding purpose. image

Healing begins with finding purpose.

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Warriors in Recovery foundations" (DBA) Return to Love.

Mission: Warriors in Recovery is based out of Colorado and is a nonprofit organization established to help active duty and veterans heal from the inside out. Warriors in Recovery 's latest project will change lives by traveling across the country with it's first stop to Liberia. While there several veterans will come together and build water wells for the many people in need and help to develop sustaining programs for villages and communities.

Our warriors will be bringing water to Liberia, each warrior will raise enough money not only to go to this country and help drill and build but will also sponsor a well. They will be involved in community development activities while there. Many of my warriors say that since leaving the military they have lost a sense of purpose, this project indeed will reinstate the feeling of purpose. So not only are you helping an impoverished country you are also helping a warrior heal from within.


My name is Paul Horton. I served in the military for 21 years as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Bomb Squad) Team Leader. I loved what I did because I got up every single day to fulfill my purpose: to protect others, to bring people out of the worst days of their lives and give them another shot at tomorrow, and to make this world a little better. After I was blown up in 2010 I was told I would no longer be able to do what I loved. I refused to believe this and tried extremely hard to return to combat. Unfortunately, my injuries made me a liability and I was medically retired. It was immensely difficult to handle this loss of purpose and identity. It took me quite a while to realize I still had unlimited potential, it was just in other things I'd never tried before. I still believe anyone can exceed their perceived limitations but that they must be willing to work with others to do so. I was successful in the military because we are a tight-knit community and, as a community, we brought out the best of each other. I believe, especially in these times, that investing in your community, investing in others, brings out the best of yourself. I recently saw a quote that said "we do not have a food or water shortage – we have a compassion shortage." There is enough if we can come together and help each other. Every single person who is denied the opportunity to live to their potential equates to a minimization of all of humanity's potential. Please help us go and help these communities – no one knows where the next spark of great human ingenuity, creativity, or compassion will come from.

When Asked Why do you want to come on this mission:
I would very much like to see other communities and do what I can to help them. I have learned much from my military travels and the way many communities interact and help each other has had a profound effect on me. I really do believe our founding fathers when they stated "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal." As such, I would like to do what I can to help this community grow and thrive.

When told we will not be staying in hotels this is the response given:
I don't mind at all, I am very familiar with sleeping on the ground.

Paul is a TRUE WARRIOR IN RECOVERY Please help him on his Journey to bring purpose, peace and clean water!

Thank you.