They say it takes 30 days to make a change so how about sparing some change.

Join me on my 30 day change for good challenge #ReturntoLove!

$395 raised

$3,000 goal

/ 150


Ok guys as many of you know I have the heart of gold and will do anything for my warriors and this includes curving my less than desirable language. I have been wanting to stop cursing for a very long time and this challenge will definitely keep me motivated? Anyhow the rules are simple.

1. Donate up to $30. Anything over that will go straight towards warrior care and their trip for Purpose drilling water wells in West Africa and will not be refunded.

2. If I curse within this time frame, your money will be returned to you up to $30 along with an apology letter.

I will be held accountable and will update you all once a week.

Thanks for your support this is going to be very difficult. Thank you for believing in me and if you're donating because you think I'm going to fail and will have to send you an apology letter...well thanks for playing along. LOL!

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